Based on your preferences, we offer two approaches of managing your investments

  • Investment Advisory Services If you like to be directly involved in ongoing decisions affecting your investment portfolio,
    our advisors will provide you with professional advice and service based on a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives.

  • Discretionary Investment Management If you prefer to be less involved with your portfolio, you can delegate investment
    decisions to our world-class money managers, benefiting from their disciplined approach
    and specialized expertise. You can also work directly with your own advisor to build and manage your portfolio according to your individual specifications.

  • We can provide access to a vast array of investments, including but not limited to common and preferred shares, corporate and government bonds, funds, income trusts and deposits. Trust Fund Group is one of the world’s largest funding services providers, and has an international reputation for excellence in trustee services.
    Working from many of the top tier financial centres in the world, our team of trust and fiduciary professionals can help ensure that your goal is properly structured and protected for the benefit of your family and beneficiaries.